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Rakesh Shukla, holding both a BTech and an MBA degree, commenced his professional journey in 1996. His initial role as a sales manager at Wipro instilled in him a strong work ethic and the ability to effectively communicate the value proposition to customers.

Progressing through various roles with key technology leaders in mobile applications and telecom software, he gained valuable experience in Product Management, P&L management, and shouldered geographical responsibilities across the US and Asian markets. Managing engineering, support, and sales teams, these experiences equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of business operations, and their efficient scaling and management.


Rakesh founded TWB in 2006, and by 2014, it was the leader in Technology Communication, serving over 40 Fortune 500 customers across their product communication, marketing communication, and learning content needs. This included leaders in enterprise software such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle; in telecommunications such as Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Airtel, and others; in defense & aerospace including Boeing, Airbus, and Israeli Aircraft Industries; and in semiconductors including Intel, Texas Instruments, Samsung & LG.

TWB has now transformed into TWB Digital CX and manages the digital experience of startups, businesses, and enterprises across all digital touchpoints, including marketing, customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer service. TWB Digital CX ensures a seamless communication experience across all communication channels for the consumer, automating, integrating, and unifying legacy and new-age enterprise management, CRM, and marketing systems.

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VOSD Trust

In 2012, Rakesh founded The Voice of Stray Dogs Trust (aka VOSD) to improve the condition of stray dogs in India. VOSD is a 12A trust with FCRA approval. Today, VOSD is the largest dog rescue in India, operates India’s largest specialized referral hospital for dogs, and is the world’s largest no-kill sanctuary in Bangalore.

VOSD has rescued over 30,000 dogs in more than 40 Indian cities, providing over half a million advanced free treatments and procedures—comparable to the best veterinary treatments in the world. Over 1400 dogs call the VOSD Sanctuary their forever home, living their best life with over 100 staff providing the most advanced medical care. VOSD also serves as the retirement home for Karnataka Police, Reserve Police, Railway Police, Kerala Police, and Indian army dogs.

The VOSD Trust is the sole legal heir of all the immovable and movable assets of Rakesh Shukla.

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VOSD Corporation

Leveraging VOSD’s tremendous work and his business and technical expertise, Rakesh founded VOSD Corporation. VOSD Corporation is the holding company of a set of pet care companies and brands, which in turn is held by the VOSD Trust. This structure will ensure that after Rakesh passes, his beloved ‘children’—his dogs—are well taken care of for many generations by this multimillion-dollar enterprise. VOSD Corporation brings India’s most beloved dog brands to pet parents across veterinary care, pet transport, lifestyle, vet pharma, and pet food.

  • In 2013, VOSD released the world’s first mobile app for dog treatments and vet hospital management.
  • In 2014, VOSD introduced the world’s first custom CRM for rescue and treatments, tracking dogs, vehicles, and personnel through all stages, from pickup to admittance, diagnostics, individual treatment, and discharge/release.
  • VOSD Veterinary Services employs a fleet of 5 mobile clinics and ambulances to deliver advanced veterinary care to pet owners on location.

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Vet2Trade | B2B Veterinary Marketplace

Vet2Trade is India’s largest B2B (business-to-business) platform for the veterinary industry, bringing together Medical Equipment and Instruments, Medical Supplies and Accessories, Pharmaceuticals and Medications, as well as Services and Care. Through an intuitive interface, it allows buyers and sellers to transact a vast catalog of veterinary supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and specialized tools, ensuring quality, convenience, and competitive pricing.

Vet2Trade is dedicated to fostering a thriving marketplace that not only brings together various facets of the veterinary industry but also operates as a reliable, quality-driven platform ensuring convenience and competitive pricing for all its users.

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