The Strongman

Lifting Heavy Weights with Rakesh Shukla's Strength

Rakesh has solo cycled, run marathons, but found his passion in becoming stronger! It started with calisthenics to become fit but soon morphed into Strongman style strength training – which involves pushing yourself to lift irregular objects, pull more, and push more. Over the last 4 years, Rakesh has reached significant numbers for a 50+ strongman and includes the max (or 1 rep max) lifts of:

  • Deadlift: 210kg, 2 year target of 250kg
  • Squat: 200kg, 2 year target of 225kg
  • Bench 155kg, 2 year target of 175kg
  • Rope pull: 3000kg, 2 year target of 5000kg

Rakesh says strength is built on incredible amounts of discipline and pain. Your muscles break and repair on repeat. Workouts don’t build strength – it is the food and sleep after.

Determination in Action: The Strongman Rakesh Shukla
Rakesh Shukla showcasing strength and determination
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