VOSD Corporation announces the world’s first AI specifically for dogs on www.vosd.io which will revolutionise veterinary care for dogs in India.

Bangalore, India: VOSD, India’s expert on dogs, has announced the launch of its revolutionary product, VOSD AI, the world’s first AI for dogs. With VOSD AI, dog owners can now access thousands of India-specific treatments, nutritional & veterinary advice and find the nearest veterinary available help from over 3000 listed vets and hospitals across India from anywhere from their smartphones or computers. The fully trained India-specific VOSD AI is available on www.vosd.io

VOSD AI is a pioneering Veterinary Artificial Intelligence and is dedicated to providing furry companions with the best in veterinary care. With VOSD AI, pet parents can now have peace of mind knowing that their dogs are receiving the best possible care. VOSD AI is available 24×7 to support dogs in India – get recommendations on over 1000 India-specific veterinary treatments, over 1000 vet medications & over 3000 hospital contacts across 300 Indian cities. VOSD AI is designed to provide immediate access to expert insights and 24/7 veterinary advice to ensure that pet parents have the best possible care for their furry babies.

VOSD AI is poised to revolutionize veterinary medicine by offering unprecedented advancements in veterinary care. VOSD AI’s algorithms analyze vast datasets of diseases aiding in early disease detection through symptom-based predictive analytics. VOSD AI facilitates personalised treatment plans, optimizing medication dosage and minimizing side effects. With continuous learning capability, the AI ensures both pet parents and veterinarians stay updated on the latest medical insights.

India’s pet care market, 80% of which is for dogs, is one of the fastest-growing pet care markets in the world, with an annual growth rate of 16.5%. The market size of pet care in India was INR 4000 crores/ $600 million in 2022 and is estimated to reach INR 15,000 crores/ $2 Billion by 2030 according to Decipher Market Research. Dogs are the most popular pet in India, with an estimated 31 million pet dogs in 2023.

Rakesh Shukla, CEO of www.VOSD.io and Chairperson of VOSD Vet & Pet Corporation said, “Currently VOSD AI virtual health assistant provides pet parents with immediate guidance. In the future, as the VOSD AI trains on datasets including image processing and diagnostics it will allow veterinarians throughout India to enhance diagnostic accuracy, and even as imaging interpreters streamline radiological analyses. This technological leap will enhance diagnostic precision but also transform veterinary care into a more efficient, accessible, and personalized experience for both practitioners and pet parents.”

Rakesh Shukla is known as “The Dog-Father of India,” and India’s foremost dog expert. Rakesh Shukla, a BTech grad with an MBA, has 30 years of experience in creating technology-based products and services for the world markets. TWBcx, an enterprise-focused Rakesh Shukla company, has serviced the needs of over 40 Fortune 500 technology customers over the last 15 years. Rakesh manages a portfolio of successful startups – in IT, PetTech, HealthTech and FoodTech

VOSD Corporation is a holding company of multiple VetTech companies that operate across veterinary care, pet transport, lifestyle, vet pharma, and pet food through D2C, D2B & B2B brands, manufacturing & marketplaces. VOSD Corporation is owned by The VOSD Trust which runs India’s largest dog rescue and the world’s largest no-kill sanctuary for dogs.

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