Vet2Trade™ Business Report: 2024 Incumbents and Challengers of the Indian Pet Market

Executive Summary

The Indian pet market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increased pet ownership, rising disposable incomes, and greater awareness of pet health and nutrition. The market is segmented into pet food, veterinary pharmaceuticals, pet accessories, and online retail. Key players like Mars International India, Nestle Purina, Drools Pet Food, Zoetis India, and Heads Up For Tails dominate the market. This report provides an in-depth analysis of these companies, detailing their financial performance, market positions, opportunities, competition, market insights, and challenges. The market is projected to grow significantly, presenting lucrative opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Market Segmentation

The Indian pet market can be broadly segmented into:

  1. Pet Food
  2. Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  3. Pet Accessories and Supplies
  4. Online Pet Retailers

Key Players and Financial Performance

Pet Food

  1. Mars International India Pvt. Ltd.

      Brands: Pedigree, Whiskas

      Annual Revenue: Approximately INR 500 crore (USD 60 million) in 2022 (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Mars dominates the Indian pet food market with popular brands like Pedigree and Whiskas. The company’s extensive distribution network and strong brand loyalty provide a competitive edge.

      Opportunities: Expanding into rural markets and introducing more premium product lines. Developing new formulations for specific dietary needs can also create new revenue streams.

      Key Competitors: Nestle Purina, Drools Pet Food, and Royal Canin.

  1. Nestle Purina Petcare India

      Brands: Purina ONE, Pro Plan

      Annual Revenue: Significant contribution to Nestle’s overall pet care segment, though specific figures for India are not disclosed (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Nestle Purina is known for its premium pet food offerings, focusing on health and nutrition.

      Opportunities: Expanding its product range and leveraging its global expertise to innovate. Strategic partnerships with local retailers and veterinary clinics can enhance market penetration.

      Key Competitors: Mars International, Royal Canin, and Drools.

  1. Drools Pet Food Pvt. Ltd. (IB Group)

      Annual Revenue: Approximately INR 200 crore (USD 24 million) in 2023 (India Retailing).

      Market Position: Drools is known for affordable, high-quality pet food, available both online and offline.

      Opportunities: Expanding its e-commerce presence and increasing market penetration in tier-II and tier-III cities. Introducing new product lines and enhancing distribution networks can drive growth.

      Key Competitors: Mars International, Nestle Purina, and Royal Canin.

  1. Royal Canin India (Subsidiary of Mars Inc.)

      Annual Revenue: Contributes to Mars Inc.’s global revenue of over USD 45 billion (INR 3.6 trillion) (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Royal Canin focuses on breed-specific and prescription diets, catering to a niche market.

      Opportunities: Expanding its product offerings and increasing market penetration through veterinary recommendations and pet specialty stores.

      Key Competitors: Nestle Purina, Drools, and local premium brands.

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

  1. Zoetis India Ltd.

      Annual Revenue: Part of Zoetis’ global revenue of USD 7.8 billion (INR 624 billion) in 2022 (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Zoetis is a leading provider of vaccines, medications, and diagnostic products for pets in India.

      Opportunities: Introducing new products and expanding its distribution network. Collaborations with veterinary clinics and hospitals can boost market presence.

      Key Competitors: Boehringer Ingelheim and Vetoquinol.

  1. Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd.

      Annual Revenue: Contributes to the global revenue of EUR 20.6 billion (USD 22.6 billion or INR 1.8 trillion) in 2022 (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Boehringer Ingelheim offers a broad range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, focusing on innovation and quality.

      Opportunities: Expanding its product portfolio and increasing market penetration. Strategic marketing and educational initiatives for veterinarians can enhance brand recognition.

      Key Competitors: Zoetis and Vetoquinol.

  1. Vetoquinol India Animal Health Pvt. Ltd.

      Annual Revenue: Part of Vetoquinol’s global revenue of EUR 521 million (USD 570 million or INR 45.6 billion) in 2022 (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Vetoquinol is known for its comprehensive range of animal health products, including medications and nutritional supplements.

      Opportunities: Leveraging its global expertise to innovate and expand its product range. Increasing market penetration through veterinary partnerships and direct consumer marketing.

      Key Competitors: Zoetis and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Pet Accessories and Supplies

  1. Heads Up For Tails (HUFT)

      Valuation: Over USD 50 million (INR 400 crore) post latest funding round (Mordor Intelli).

      Annual Revenue: Estimated INR 100 crore (USD 12 million) (India Retailing).

      Market Position: HUFT is a leading retailer of premium pet accessories and supplies with a strong online and offline presence.

      Opportunities: Expanding its product offerings and increasing market share. Enhancing its e-commerce platform and exploring international markets can drive growth.

      Key Competitors: Supertails and Captain Zack.

  1. Supertails

      Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): INR 100 crore (USD 12 million) (India Retailing).

      Market Position: Supertails is an emerging player in online pet supplies and services, focusing on providing a comprehensive range of products and services to pet owners.

      Opportunities: Expanding its service offerings and enhancing its online platform. Collaborations with veterinary services and product innovation can enhance market position.

      Key Competitors: Heads Up For Tails and

Other Notable Companies

  1. Captain Zack

      VC Funding Received: Significant investment to expand its range of pet grooming products (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: Captain Zack specializes in pet grooming products, catering to niche market needs with a focus on quality and safety.

      Opportunities: Expanding its product range and increasing brand awareness. Partnerships with pet salons and grooming services can boost market penetration.

      Key Competitors: International grooming brands and local startups.


      VC Funding Received: Substantial funding to enhance its pet healthcare services and products (Mordor Intelli).

      Market Position: focuses on preventive care and wellness, providing a range of pet healthcare products and services.

      Opportunities: Expanding its service offerings and increasing its market penetration. Direct consumer engagement and educational initiatives can drive growth.

      Key Competitors: Supertails and traditional veterinary clinics.

Market Insights

The Indian pet care market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.08%, reaching USD 1.87 billion (INR 149.6 billion) by 2029 (Mordor Intelli). Key growth drivers include:

      Increasing Pet Ownership: Urbanization and lifestyle changes are leading more families to adopt pets. The growing trend of nuclear families and a desire for companionship are significant factors.

      Rising Disposable Incomes: Higher spending power allows pet owners to invest in premium products and healthcare services. The expanding middle class and dual-income households contribute to this trend.

      Growing Awareness: Better awareness about pet nutrition, health, and wellness is driving demand for high-quality products. Initiatives by companies to educate consumers through marketing and outreach programs are playing a crucial role.

      E-commerce Growth: The rise of e-commerce platforms has made it easier for pet owners to access a wide range of products and services, contributing significantly to market growth.


Despite the robust growth, the market faces several challenges:

      Regulatory Issues: Lack of standardized regulations affects product quality and consumer trust. The absence of stringent quality control measures can lead to variability in product standards.

      Distribution and Supply Chain: Ensuring timely delivery and availability of products, especially in rural areas, remains a challenge. Logistics and supply chain inefficiencies can impact product availability.

      Awareness and Education: Continued efforts are needed to educate pet owners about proper pet care and nutrition. Misconceptions and lack of knowledge about pet health can affect market growth.

      Affordability Concerns: The relatively high cost of premium and specialized pet products may alienate price-conscious consumers. Companies need to balance quality and affordability to cater to a broader market.

Opportunities for Challengers to Established Players in the Indian Pet Market


  1. Personalized Veterinary Care: There is a growing demand for personalized veterinary services that include telehealth consultations, home visits, and wellness plans tailored to individual pets. Companies like are already capitalizing on this trend by offering preventive care and wellness packages (Mordor Intelli).
  2. Pet Grooming and Spa Services: High-quality grooming and spa services are becoming popular, especially in urban areas. New entrants can establish premium grooming salons or mobile grooming units to cater to busy pet owners. Partnerships with pet salons and grooming brands can enhance market presence (Mordor Intelli).


  1. Organic and Natural Pet Food: There is an increasing consumer preference for organic and natural pet food products free from artificial additives and preservatives. New players can introduce lines of organic pet food and treats to meet this demand. Leveraging trends in human nutrition can also appeal to health-conscious pet owners (Mordor Intelli) (India Retailing).
  2. Customized Nutrition: Offering customized pet nutrition plans based on age, breed, size, and health condition can differentiate new products. Companies can develop proprietary algorithms and partner with veterinarians to provide tailored pet food (Mordor Intelli).


  1. Focus on Under-served Pet Categories: While dogs and cats dominate the market, there is a growing interest in other pets like birds, fish, rabbits, and reptiles. New companies can specialize in these segments by offering targeted products and services, such as specialized nutrition, habitats, and healthcare (Mordor Intelli) (India Retailing).
  2. Geographic Expansion: Many rural and semi-urban areas are still under-served. New entrants can tap into these markets by establishing strong distribution networks and creating awareness about pet care. Customized marketing strategies for different regions can drive penetration (India Retailing).


  1. Emphasize Sustainability: Brands that emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable practices can attract environmentally conscious consumers. This includes using sustainable packaging, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and promoting environmental initiatives (India Retailing).
  2. Leveraging Technology and Innovation: Brands that leverage technology for product innovation, such as smart pet devices (e.g., GPS trackers, health monitoring systems), can stand out. Investing in research and development to create innovative products can drive brand differentiation (Mordor Intelli).
  3. Community Building and Education: Brands that invest in building a community around pet care and education can gain loyal customers. This includes hosting workshops, online forums, and creating content that educates pet owners about best practices in pet care (India Retailing).


The Indian pet market is poised for substantial growth, driven by increasing pet ownership and a rising focus on pet health and wellness. Key players are expanding their product ranges and improving accessibility to meet the growing demand. The market presents numerous opportunities for innovation and expansion, particularly in online retail, premium products, and healthcare services. Challengers to established players in the Indian pet market have multiple opportunities to carve out their niche through innovative services, targeted products, strategic segmentation, and strong branding. By addressing under-served segments, emphasizing sustainability, and leveraging technology, new entrants can differentiate themselves and capture market share. The key is to understand evolving consumer preferences and create value propositions that resonate with modern pet owners.


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