Rakesh on Leadership: How do you deal with cataclysmic change. Workshop for leading retail group (Dec 2018)

While change is inevitable – both in personal and professional life sometimes the rate of change, and the trigger or catalysts to changes are totally out of one’s control. The loss of personal health or business events that can cause serious business disruption are examples. How does one operate, embrace and even leverage the changed circumstance to create new success?

This is a workshop for the leadership team of the India’s leading retailer — and retail is facing cataclysmic shifts. This speaking engagement is, of course, closed door.

Rakesh speaks one of 5 themes:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Startups – based on his journey with TWB_ where the focus is on insights on creating a world-class bootstrapped organization that is the choice of the Fortune 500 customers
  2. Leadership – where he speaks to corporate audiences about a variety of subjects including Transformational Leadership, Managing Cataclysmic Change, Finding Purpose & Meaning in Work, Storytelling in Leadership Communication etc
  3. Technology Marketing – where he speaks to corporate audiences on Strategic Marketing in B2B technology businesses including on Technology Branding, Creating Brand Centric Companies, Automation in B2B Marketing etc
  4. Inspiration & Motivation – based on facing almost insurmountable personal & professional odds these talks focus on personal qualities and lessons to become a winner in life.
  5. #LoveisaVerb – Rakesh lives with 800 dogs. These talks focus on the difference between love as a feeling and inspired action. Rakesh met with 1 dog and that love inspired him to create what is today the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary and rescue, called VOSD.


To hear Rakesh speak

mail: connect@rakeshshukla.com

or reach: Rakesh’s speaker profile | Rakesh on Facebook | Rakesh on LinkedIn | Rakesh on Medium

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