My world ended

Not with a big bang

Nor with a crash of a speeding car

But of hope

Of acceptance of fate

Of no future dates,

Of what you say to end conversations

Of nothing left for me here

Irony is, not accepting destiny

That’s what made me, me

Being a man meant to forge the future

If all else failed with bare hands

Torn and shred and a heart of steel

Being a man meant, iron will & iron hands

The same mettle is now twisted and shred

Like metal on a furnace bed

I forgot that there is value none

Of steel, when where words have won

To tell you of the love & the past

For neither the moment nor the will will last

I trudge to where I came from

Broken bruised and covered in soot

Sometimes those who run away

Live to fight another day

Rakesh Shukla

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