Rakesh Shukla on Technology Branding: Workshop at IIM Lucknow (16 Nov, 2018)

Of the world’s 10 most valuable companies 5 are tech giants. While most consumer tech business’ get all the brand visibility B2B businesses are the bread and butter of the tech industry, and where a large part of the management+tech workforce from the best B-Schools finds employment as well.

Rakesh ShuklaTWB_ CEO, who writes and speaks on Strategic Marketing & Branding for Technology takes a half-day workshop for the management leaders of tomorrow at IIM Lucknow on 16 Nov 2018 on 7 Steps for creating a powerful tech brand & Creating a brand-centric company culture.

In the workshop the PGP managers learn what are the Marketing & Branding imperatives for B2B Technology brands and how are they inherently different from consumer branding & what could you do as a marketer to make your business stand out. The workshop comprises,

  • Essentials of Technology Branding: Branding for High-Tech
  • Why do you need branding in B2B spaces
  • Moving away from tech/engineering centric thinking
  • Attributes of a Tech Brand
  • 7 Steps to creating a powerful tech brand
  • Building a brand-centric company
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